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We would like to keep you informed on innovations, updates and interesting facts about our company and also regularly present new information. If you have questions about products and our services, or you want to know or learn something new about our products just use the comment section. We look forward to your opinions and your questions hoping that we can provide you with added value, maybe also in form of good tips. We hope it will be a pleasure for you to read our news and we'll curiously wait for your questions and suggestions.

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  • New Update
  • New Update

    Liebe Freunde,
    Unsere Welt wird nicht mehr dieselbe sein ... Es gibt eine neue Normalität ... Die Gesellschaft ändert ihre Normen... Wir müssen auch unseren Lebensstil ändern, um solche ...   Continue reading »
  • New Update
    Dear All
    Just got a sign from the Spedition..... the new lieferung in form of a 20' container is on its way to us.
    Just a few days more.......Let's keep our fingers crossed........ Happy selling season. regards aseem   Continue reading »

    Der Hanf wird in Nepal hergestellt uns ist 100% THC frei!
    Sie dürfen sich über eine große Auswahl in unserem Online-Katalog an naturfreundlichen Materialien freuen!
    Wir wünschen Euch viel Freude beim Durchstöbern!
    Für Fragen steht Aseem Euch gerne unter
    +43676 49 46 276
    zur Verfügung!
    Euer Team von BADIV
      Continue reading »
  • New delivery from India
    Dear Customers,
    So, after a long wait we finally received our new delivery from India.!
    Lots of new products in category summer clothes, deko objects and interior deco...
    We would be preparing a new letter shortly for the different themes. If you have not yet been receiving the letters and if you want to get one then please subscribe fast!   Continue reading »