About Us

From India, the Land of Spirituality and Mysticism, Ayurveda and Jyotish, Rajahs and Palaces, we bring to you the finest in arts and handicrafts. Carefully selected from the immense sea of wealth that India offers, we provide them at the most reasonable prices with designs and colors suiting to the ever demanding choices and preferences of our esteemed customers.

From India, the land of deep spirituality and mysticism, Ayurveda and astrology, kings, princesses and impressive palaces, we bring you the best of traditional craftsmanship, crafts and designs. You can find here giftware, souvenirs, incense ware and different figures which are made of brass, wood or marble, also you can find textiles, home accessories and handmade pieces of furniture. We honestly try not to leave fair working conditions aside.

Because of our wide range, you will be surprised again and again and hardly a wish remains open. Our goods, in various designs and rich colour selections, we offer you at the best possible prices, to suit your individual needs. We are well-versed and also proud to respond quickly to your orders. So your order will reach you by the quickest way.

A large part of our goods are offered on our website, but of course we are also happy about your visit, where you can personally take a look at our products and discover which treasures we have brought together for you.

We are direct importers and wholesalers from India and our location of 500m², in the center of Vienna, is big enough, so you can capture all goods directly and with all your senses. Your nose is flattered by the fragrance of many different incense sticks as soon as you enter. Your hands can touch the materials and the sense of touch impresses you and your eyes are captivated by the colors and shapes of our treasures. With a cup of Indian tea, which will enchant your taste and you will get all the information about our products, which we have carefully selected in manufactories and even from small craftsmen and craftswomen directly from India. Make the experience.

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